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[Detail] Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese

Historical Research Capabilities

Baseball stadiums often serve as a recreation and entertainment center in the heart of an urban area. This collection features a photograph of the Polo Grounds during a 1913 World Series game and October 6, 1920 images of baseball fans waiting outside Ebbets Field and watching the World Series game. Insurance maps of Ebbets Field and Blues Stadium provide an opportunity to see how these parks related to the neighborhoods that surrounded them, while additional photographs of stadiums are available in the collection, Panoramic Photographs. These materials provide an opportunity to examine the role these stadiums played in the life of the city.

  • Where, within a city, are stadiums built?
  • What is the relationship between stadiums and the areas (neighborhoods, business districts, etc.) that surround them?
  • How has this relationship changed over time?
  • How has the design of ballparks changed over time?