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[Detail] Migrant agricultural worker

World War II

The collection portrays the war from the perspective of the home-front, including the evacuation of 110,000 Japanese-Americans to internment camps. After Pearl Harbor, many Americans feared that Japan would attack the West Coast next, aided by Japanese American spies. Although there was no record of spying, political pressure, fueled by a long-standing prejudice against Japanese Americans on the West Coast, resulted in the internment of resident aliens and citizens of Japanese ancestry. Families like this one were sent from their homes on the West Coast to camps in inland California, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and even as far away as Arkansas. search evacuation and Santa Anita (the name of a camp) for a fuller view of the hardships of this process.

search soldiers and war for other pictures of war-time activities on the home front.

Or learn more about women in the war effort by searching employment, factory, and laborers for pictures from Color Photographs from the FSA/OWI 1939-1945 documenting the movement of women into the work force during the war.