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The little train robbery / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. 1905.

[Detail] The little train robbery / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. 1905

Creative Writing: Newscasts

A search on the term, actuality, produces documentary footage of events such as Cuban Volunteers Embarking for the Spanish-American War and a Life Rescue at Long Branch, in which a drowning person is pulled to shore. Also available is a documentation of the Paris Exposition's technological innovations as featured on the Panorama from the Moving Boardwalk.

Films such as these can be used to create television newscast (performed live or on film) modeled after contemporary news programs. Search specific terms or browse the Subject Index for ideas about what to include in a variety of segments, including "World News" (Spanish-American War), "National News" (McKinley funeral), "Sports" (sports), "Weather" (Galveston cyclone), and "Entertainment" (vaudeville). Write a script introducing each piece, featuring transitions between reports, and including banter between the anchor and correspondents at the end of each piece.