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Art of Remembrance

When someone famous dies, artists of all types—sculptors, painters, architects, poets, orators, composers, and more—often create works in honor of that person. Here are links to a few memorial works of art or descriptions of such works:

Choose at least three examples of the art of remembrance. You may select from those listed above or find additional items using such search terms as mourning or tribute. Choose one work that represents an art form you particularly like. Choose one that represents an art form that is less familiar to you. Choose a third work that is different from the first two you selected. Use the following questions to analyze each work:

  • What type of work is this?
  • What aspects of Lincoln’s achievements or character does the work highlight? Do you think these are the most significant aspects of Lincoln’s achievements or character?
  • Do you think the work is an appropriate memorial to Lincoln? Would it prompt the kind of remembrance you think a memorial work should prompt?
  • Which work do you find most effective in stimulating viewers/readers to remember significant aspects of Lincoln’s life? Explain your answer.