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[Detail] Mediolanensis dvcatvs from the atlas [1570].

6) Transportation and Communication

The maps in this category document the development of national, state, and local transportation and communication systems. Transportation maps show canal and river systems, cycling routes, railways, roads, and traffic patterns. Communication maps illustrate telegraph routes, telephone systems, and radio coverage. This category contains individual maps and the Railroad Maps Collection.

Search on telegraph or review the Transportation/Communication Maps Title List to find Telegraph Stations in the United States.

This map, made just nine years after the first successful telegraph message was sent, can help students study the growth of telecommunications in the United States. Students might examine the map to locate states with the greatest number of telegraph stations and then answer questions such as:

  • Why do these states have more telegraph stations than others?
  • Why is only the east coast shown?

Students might compare the rate chart at the left of the map to current long distance telephone and Internet access charges.