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[Detail] The Grand Canyon. Clarence E. Dutton, 1882.

4) Treaty of Paris

In 1782, the British government decided to pursue peace with America to end the American Revolutionary War. Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and John Jay represented America at the negotiations in Paris. To locate boundaries and settle the war, the negotiators turned to John Mitchell's 1755 map titled A map of the British and French dominions in North America. Students can view this historical map and use the following questions to gain a better understanding of the dispute, of colonization and other issues of the time.

  • What states now exist in the dominions that belonged to the British and the French in 1755?
  • What can you learn from this map about how these states might have been influenced by their original British and French dominion?
  • What information would the negotiators in Paris have used from the map?
  • Are there obvious inaccuracies in the map? How might that have affected the decisions made at the treaty negotiations?
  • What additional resources do today's negotiators have when settling boundary disputes?