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[Detail] Map of Liberia. Lith. by E. Weber & Co., 1845.

3) Point-of-View

Children who emigrated to Liberia with their parents would have had their own point-of-view about the idea to leave what had been their home. Students can write an essay or short story expressing the opinions and experiences of a young emigre to Liberia. Browsing the maps in the collection with the Subject Index, have students determine what the child would know about his future home? What would the child be concerned about having in his new home land? For example, places to play, other children to play with, safety from danger, the freedom to be with his family.

In addition, students should incorporate the child's perspective on his conditions in the United States. Is the girl or boy a child of a free or slave family? Does he or she believe leaving for this new land will meet the expectations he has heard people discuss? Would the child prefer to stay in America?