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[Detail] A French officer and his British ally at the front read the New York Times.

Newspaper Design and the Pictorial Section

In the early 1900s, photographs were relatively new to the pages of newspapers. Most newspapers did not integrate news and photos as papers today do; instead, as with the pictorial sections featured in Newspaper Pictorials, photographs appeared in separate sections with relatively little text.

Examine the pictorial sections of the New York Times and the New York Tribune, paying particular attention to the design of the front pages. Consider the following elements:

  • How the editors draw attention to the most important photo on a page.
  • The shapes and sizes of the photos.
  • Frames and other decorative elements.
  • Caption placement and appearance.

Based on your analysis, develop a list of “design guidelines” that reflect what you found in the page layouts you examined. Use your design guidelines to create the first page for a special pictorial “scrapbook” of human interest stories about World War I. Consider including photographs that evoke different emotions. Some examples are:

Write a paragraph explaining how your design embodies the principles you developed.