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[Detail] A French officer and his British ally at the front read the New York Times.


Countries on both sides of the war used posters to engage their citizens in the effort. Recruiting posters sought enlistees for the military, while other posters urged citizens to contribute by buying war bonds, contributing to relief organizations, or conserving food.

Examine the following pages from The War of the Nations:

Answer the following questions about the posters:

  • How do the posters invoke a spirit of patriotism? What words and techniques are used to motivate action?
  • What symbols do the artists use? Are the symbols used in the recruiting posters similar to or different from the symbols used in the Liberty bond posters? Why do you think that is true?
  • How do the British and U.S. recruiting posters use different appeals to reach people in their countries?
  • Which of the posters do you believe had the greatest appeal? Why?

Research World War I graphic arts and compile a portfolio representing posters from both Allied and Central Powers during the Great War. Write an introduction to the portfolio that compares and contrasts posters from different countries and for different purposes.