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Likely taken by Job V. Harrison near Rock Lake, N.D. 190?

[Detail] Likely taken by Job V. Harrison near Rock Lake, N.D. 190?

2) Modernizing America

Browse the collection to gain perspective on modern culture. Highlights are found by searching ice, general store, and laundry.

New inventions, forms of communication, and methods of production and distribution all contributed to a modern mass culture. Students can search electrical, telephone, automobile, airplane, and advertisement for evidence of these turn-of-the-century innovations.

They can also search Sears Roebuck for images of a prefabricated house and then visit Prosperity and Thrift, 1921-1929 or Consumers and Catalogues (external link) to find out more about the development of the modern consumer culture and its expansion from urban centers into rural America. (Consumers and Catalogues is found outside of the Library of Congress web site. If you have a slow modem, click here (external link) to skip its animated introduction).