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Likely taken by Job V. Harrison near Rock Lake, N.D. 190?

[Detail] Likely taken by Job V. Harrison near Rock Lake, N.D. 190?

Historical Research Capabilities

The collection provides visual data that students can bring to their research into a variety of topics including the frontier, small-town rural America, North Dakota or the Northern Great Plains, agriculture and technology, pioneer communities, incorporation and industrialization at the turn of the century, immigration, and third-party politics. Furthermore, photographs can provide creative starting points for original research topics based on students' own questions and observations. For example, in examining the picture on the left, a student might wonder what kinds of flags are depicted hanging across the street, or what the people are celebrating. These questions could lead to research into immigration and its role in the creation of frontier culture and community. Or, one of the photographs documenting Fourth of July celebrations might lead to an inquiry into the role of this holiday and its celebration in small-town rural America at the turn of the century.