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Man reading war news aboard streetcar. San Francisco, California

[Detail] Reading war news aboard streetcar. San Francisco, California

Chronological Thinking: Analyzing Biographies

The biographies of the individuals who conducted the "Man-on-the-Street" and "Dear Mr. President" interviews are impressive stories of achievement. Choose your favorite interviews and identify who conducted the interviews (listed as the "Collector" under "Contributors" on the bibliographic information). Find this person in the Biographies feature. Construct a timeline of the events in the person's life, being sure to note when the collection of the "Man-on-the-Street" and "Dear Mr. President" occurred. What events in the person's life prior to 1941-1942 made them well-qualified for this job? Does the biography provide information about any other wartime activities? What events were in the person's future at the time they took part in building this collection?