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Man reading war news aboard streetcar. San Francisco, California

[Detail] Reading war news aboard streetcar. San Francisco, California

Historical Research Capabilities: Conducting an Oral History

Today, people who were in their teens and twenties during World War II are now in their seventies and eighties. While many years have passed, their memories of the events covered in After the Day of Infamy may still be vivid. Using what you have learned from the collection, formulate several questions that you would like to ask about reactions to the attack on Pearl Harbor or to contributions to the war effort, whether as a member of the military or a civilian.

Organize an oral history project and interview a World War II veteran or civilian who contributed to the war effort. Follow the guidelines in the Project Kit of the Library of Congress's Veterans History Project. On completion, donate the interview to a local archive, library, or historical society that is an official partner of the Veterans History Project.