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Unloading rolls of paper from a horse drawn cart. Nov 7th 1903.

[Detail] Unloading rolls of paper from a horse drawn cart. Nov 7th 1903.

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Persuasive and Expository Writing

The photographs in this collection put human faces on issues that could otherwise remain theoretical and abstract. The labor unrest and urban poverty of the early-twentieth century are both brought to life through the Chicago Daily News photographs. Allow these images to inform your understanding of these topics and then express your understanding through writing.

Search on stockyards strike or Bloomington Normal for documentation of labor strikes in the early 1900s. Based on your understanding of labor unrest in the early-twentieth century, write an editorial expressing views either favoring or opposing one of these strikes.

Search on unemployed, homeless, and hobos for images reflecting the experience of the poor and unemployed. Write an expository essay on the plight of the urban poor during the early-twentieth century.