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Language and Technique

Coolidge giving address

President Coolidge Addressing Crowd, Arlington National Cemetery, 1924.

The dual format of Coolidge's speeches, presented as both audio recordings and transcriptions, affords the opportunity to evaluate techniques of speech-writing and oration.

Search Coolidge Speeches, Recordings, or one of the following speeches by name: Law and Order (Audio) (Text), Duty of Government (Audio) (Text), Equal Rights (Audio) (Text), or America and the War (Audio Only). Select one or more of the President’s addresses, listen to the audio recording as you read the transcript, and evaluate the speech by asking:

  • How effective is his presentation?
  • To whom does the speech appeal?
  • What imagery is used in the speech?
  • To what extent is the speech illustrative of Coolidge’s character?
  • Are there any lines from the speech that would resonate today?