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[Detail] Vacuum cleaners on display at the J.C. Harding & Co.


The following two points appear in Claude Hopkins’ Scientific Advertising:

[C]uriosity is one of the strongest human incentives. We employ it wherever we can. Puffed Wheat and Puffed Rice were made successful largely through curiosity. “Grains puffed to 8 times normal size.” “Foods shot from guns.” “125 million steam explosions caused in every kernel.” These foods were failures before that factor was discovered.

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Scientific Advertising

Toasted Corn Flakes and Malted Milk are examples of unfortunate names. In each of those cases an advertiser created a new demand. When the demand was created, others shared it because they could use the name. The originators depended only on a brand. It is interesting to speculate on how much more profitable a coined name might have been.

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Scientific Advertising

Use these passages as a focal point for a discussion on advertising and its techniques. Demonstrate your understanding while practicing writing skills by choosing a real or imaginary product and creating an effective advertisement based on these two guidelines.