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My Country Tis of Thee. Brittany Woodward, 2001.

[Detail] My Country Tis of Thee. Brittany Woodward, 2001.

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Creating a Radio Program Based on the Collection

When the “Man-on-the-Street” and “Dear Mr. President” interviews were collected following the attack on Pearl Harbor, they were used as the basis for two radio programs. Imagine that you are the director of a radio station that is planning a series of retrospective reports on the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Each report will be five minutes long. You think that the interviews in the September 11, 2001, Documentary Project could serve as the basis for one of the reports.

Work with a team of producers to create a script for the program. Your team should scan the interviews and narratives available, looking for themes that you want to highlight. When you have selected a theme, look for interviews that provide insight into that theme. Select excerpts that illustrate the points that you want to make. Decide in what order you will use the excerpts, and write a narrative that will introduce the report, take listeners into and out of the interview excerpts, and end the report.