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[Detail] I'll sing thee songs of early days - sheet music

Creative Writing

Gus Williams offers a starting point for brainstorming and creative writing in his song, The Crazy Quilt:

..."And suddenly I said That I would make a crazy quilt, But not for any bed; Instead of silk I would use scenes That happen ev'ry day, And so I put my wits to work, And this is my display:....I'd have conductors on the train, And station agents, too, Reply to all your questions With civility in view; While newsboys, with their trashy wares, I'd bind and gag at sight, So that the travelers all would say I did exactly right. The cats that warble on the fence, The tramp dogs in the street, I'd have old Bergh transform them all and make them sausage meat...."

Students can use songs such as this and other songs, such as George Kimball's A Day dream, as a catalyst for their own poems or lyrics. Emphasis can be placed on rhyme scheme and word play.