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Historical Comprehension: Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant was a prominent figure in the popular imagination. As a Civil War hero and two-term President of the United States, songwriters had a good deal to write about. Polkas, marches, and campaign songs celebrated him. W.S. Irwin's Grant Campaign Song proclaims:

"He's a gallant hero, And noble statesman too, He's safely brought our ship of State, The darkest dangers through, Let ev'ry brave and true man, Join our loyal band, 'Till loud resounds the victory, From mountain vale, and strand."

In addition to pieces about Grant's candidacy, songwriters wrote works about his policies and the White House wedding of his daughter, Nellie Grant. A search on hero produces a number of songs commemorating Grant's death. Students can examine these works to get a better understanding of Grant's achievements and his role as a celebrated public figure.