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[Detail] I'll sing thee songs of early days - sheet music

Historical Research Capabilities: Women

The women's suffrage movement was beginning to take hold in the late nineteenth century but there are a number of different depictions of women throughout this collection of songs. Various roles of women appear in songs such as "Oh! Woman, sweet woman", "Lovely woman, comic song", and "The talking woman." Students might examine a number of these descriptions and compare them to songs representing the women's suffrage movement such as "Daughters of Freedom! The Ballot be yours." Such comparisons are available with searches on vote and suffrage.

Another point of interest might be the way in which songs referring to women's suffrage compare to materials found in other collections such as the Declaration and protest of the women of the United States by the National Woman Suffrage Association on July 4th, 1876 and similar publications available in An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera. By examining these materials, students can compare the various methods and messages employed by the suffragist movement.