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The Stars and Stripes

The Home Front

The Stars and Stripes included stories on events back home in the United States, including political campaigns. In the July 5, 1918, issue an article described the split in Republican Party ranks over the support of pacifist Henry Ford's run for the Senate in Michigan. The paper also reported on political, economic, and social issues on the home front. Search the collection using such terms as prohibition, strikes and lockouts, and woman suffrage for reports of issues making news in the United States.

The paper also carried stories about support for the war effort on the home front, from a knit fest in New York City to the end of Sunday drives in Illinois. Of course, one of the most significant contributions made by Americans at home was to raise money through bond drives. Search the collection using the phrase Liberty Bond to find out more about the drive to raise money for the war effort.

Read several articles about issues on the home front, as well as public support for the troops. Prepare a front page for a newspaper edition reviewing the year 1918 on the home front. What do you think were the most important news stories? What aspects of public support would you cover?