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[Detail] Suffragettes procession after release from prison.

Historical Analysis and Interpretation: Considering Multiple Perspectives on Women’s Suffrage

Search the collection for documents supporting and opposing an important issue in the women’s suffrage movement and explain the differing points of view expressed in the tracts.  Analyze the motives and interests expressed in the documents. What may account for the different positions on the suffrage movement?

At the turn of the 20th century, handbills were a popular way of conveying ideas. Examine the handbill below, which was circulated by the Woman Suffrage Party.

  • To whom would these handbills appeal?
  • Was this an effective way to appeal for supporters?

Anti-suffragists also distributed handbills putting forth their ideas. One article about a suffrage march mentions that the opposition distributed handbills along the parade route. Imagine that you were an anti-suffragist. Create a handbill to refute the claims made in the “Votes for Women!” handbill shown above.