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5) Development of the Industrial United States, 1876-1915

This collection's variety of texts will give readers an expansive understanding of industrialization in America. Railroads may be studied with some depth by searching railroad, or browsing the Tables of Content of each state's historical society collection. The advent of big business is exemplified in Cornflake Crusade, the story of how Battle Creek, Michigan, became the home of the Kellogg industry. Search on industry, manufacturing, lumber, and mining for more sources.

Using this collection, you can also study the ramifications of industrialization in labor and politics. Fifty Years on the Firing Line provides a portrait of the Populist movement, while the Minnesota Historical Society collection offers a brief history of the Granger Movement. Crusaders, the biography of Arthur and Marian Le Sueur, explores the lives of avid socialists.

The conservation movement developed concurrently with industrialization. Conservationist John Muir's autobiographical The Story of My Boyhood and Youth provides a good introduction to this movement and testifies to the importance of the individual in shaping history. You can learn more from the online collection, Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920.