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Penn[sylvania] on the picket line-- 1917.

[Detail] Penn[sylvania] on the picket line-- 1917

Historical Research: Comparing Equal Rights Amendments

After passage of the 19th Amendment, the National Woman’s Party began working for passage of an Equal Rights bill:
The bill would give women full equality in the government service, give married women citizenship in their own right and make women of the District of Columbia eligible to serve on juries, equal guardianship rights, and equal rights of inheritance and contract.

From “Women Ask President for Equal Rights Legislation” (Women Ask President for Equal Rights Legislation).

Research the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) submitted to the states for ratification in 1972.

  • How did the contemporary ERA differ from the 1920 bill? What events in the intervening 50 years might have shaped the 1972 amendment?
  • What arguments were presented in favor of passage of the ERA in the 1970s? Opposed to passage?
  • Why do you think the ERA failed to achieve the 38 states necessary for ratification?