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Historical Research Capabilities

A search on the phrase, history of civic services, produces a series of informative posters that chronicle the origins of New York City's public services such as the police department, fire department, and water supply. For example, "Police No. 1: The Rattle Watch" describes the seventeenth-century patrols going through the town: "On October 4, 1658 a paid Rattle Watch of eight men to do the duty from 9 o'clock at night until morning drum beat was established, the duty being imposed upon each of the citizens by turns, and each householder was taxed 15 stivers for its support." The series on the water supply describes events from the first public well in 1658, the tea water pump garden in 1750, and the modern era, in which 930 million gallons are consumed daily.

These posters can be a catalyst to investigate the origins of public services in the United States. Research projects can culminate in the creation of posters describing local public services or commemorating an event in a community's history