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The Statue of Liberty

[Detail] Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, Manhattan, New York, NY

Team Description Product
Photographer With your artful eye, you capture the images of the American Dream. Design a photo essay that shows the American Dream. Show how the Dream has been affected by time, cultural influences, and significant historical events.
Lawyer Your passion for controversy and debate guide your vision of the American Dream. Prepare a legal brief about the status of the American Dream. (Legal brief includes: title, who vs. whom, statement of facts, argument, conclusion, references.)
Poet Using your poetic grasp of language, you seek out the heart and soul of the American Dream. Create a poet's notebook that shows the American Dream. Your notebook includes samples of your poetry that shows how the "Dream" has been affected by time, cultural influences, and significant historical events.
Politician With a finger on the pulse of the American people, you trace significant political events that shape the American Dream. Write and deliver a speech that traces the political events that shape the American Dream. Your speech shows how the "Dream" has been affected by political response to cultural influences and significant historical events.
Producer Lights, camera, action! You show the story of the American Dream through stories, films, and a script for a movie. Make a storyboard for your movie. Sequence the scenes to produce a movie of the American Dream.
Comedian You find the irony in the American Dream. Write a standup comic script or create a political cartoon or comic strip that expresses irony or the humorous side of the American Dream.
Musician With your ear for melody, you play the music of the American Dream. Write the sheet music or record music that characterizes the American Dream based upon your research.
Reporter On the newsbeat you report and chronicle the events which shape the American Dream. Write a news article that reports the results of your research on the American Dream. (Article includes: title, who, what, when, where, and how.) Your news article describes the events that have shaped the American Dream through the decades.

Individual responsibilities might include:

  • Team Manager
    As team manager you have full responsibility for this team. You will manage all aspects of the project by assisting the research, production, and archive managers in meeting their obligations to complete the project. Excellent interpersonal and management skills are required. You are ultimately responsible for helping the team meet the project deadline.
  • Research Manager
    Your job is key to the success of this project. You can shape the research by using focus questions. You will assist others in finding just the right quote, picture, or sound bite. Your team will rely on effective use of your detective and inquiry skills as you search the collections.
  • Production Manager
    You will lead the group in building the final product. You must gather materials from your archive manager and work with the researcher during production. You must be flexible and resourceful as you work and assist others with last minute changes; manage graphics, sound or movie clips; and deal with the unexpected occurrences of creating a product.
  • Archive Manager
    Excellent organizational skills make this job a challenge. You will keep track of all materials for the team and check to be sure that resources are compatible. For example, are your sound clips in the correct format? You will keep the original files, and back up files, and organize the the final project.