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Brady's photo outfit in front of Petersburg, Va

[Detail] Brady's photo outfit in front of Petersburg, Va

Research Guide


Use this form to guide your research about the Civil War photograph you have chosen. As you complete your research, take notes under each section of this form. Use additional paper for notes, and print out useful information you find. Be as detailed as possible in each category. Your task is to be a detective ñ investigate every aspect of your photograph in order to create an accurate news article. Use at least two sources for information (we encourage you to use more), and list the citation information on the back of this form.


When was the photograph taken (month, year, date if known)? What was happening locally and nationally at that time?



Where was the photograph taken (city, state, battlefield, house, etc.)? What was the significance of this location or place at the time the picture was taken?



Who is in the picture? Investigate all aspects of the photograph. If no people are in the picture, use this space to research people who were involved in the events that took place in the location/time of your photograph.



What happened before this picture was taken? What were the events leading up to this photograph? What event was occurring when this picture was taken? 



What was the importance of the events and people in your photograph? Where does this photograph fit into the broader events of the Civil War?



List citation information for each research source here. Consult your research handbook for format.

  • Source #1:


  • Source #2:


  • Source #3:


  • Source #4: