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Aikens Times

July 27, 1864

USS Omondaga Spotted on the James River
By Justin

The USS Omondaga, a two turreted monitor, was spotted again on the James River near Aiken's Landing, Virginia. The two barges on the makeshift dock are probably bringing supplies to our troops as they chase the Rebs to Richmond.

It is suspected that the USS Omondaga is guarding the supplies for they are in enemy territory. If the Confederate soldiers were to take the supplies, our soldiers would be in a pickle. The Rebels, though, would have everything they need.

The USS Omondaga is equipped with two turrets. Each turret has two 200-lb cannons for strong artillery bombardment. It is one of the many ironclads that sits mainly underwater, making it a hard target to hit.

Many boats like this are being used in the naval blockades on Confederate coasts. This keeps the Europeans from trading with the Rebels. They cannot ship cotton out, or buy supplies. Without the supplies the Confederates will surely surrender.

If a European ship comes into a Confederate harbor or port, the blockade ships will fire a few warning shots, without hitting the ships. If the ship doesn't leave it will be sunk. On the other hand, if a Rebel ship tries to leave the harbor and sell cotton or trade cotton from a CSA ship for supplies from a European ship, it will without warning be sunk!


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