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Brady's photo outfit in front of Petersburg, Va

[Detail] Brady's photo outfit in front of Petersburg, Va

Self Assessment & Peer Evaluation

Self Assessment

  1. What was the topic of your photograph and news article?
  2. After completing the photo analysis, what were some of the questions you had?
  3. How did you start your research? What resources were most helpful?
  4. Do you think you accurately reported on your photograph in your news article? Why or why not?
  5. What did you learn from completing this project?
  6. What did you most enjoy about the project?
  7. What did you least enjoy about the project?

Peer Evaluation

Read through the different articles created by your classmates.

  1. Which news articles did you enjoy reading the most?
  2. What made these articles enjoyable?
  3. What suggestions or questions do you have about other articles? Make sure to include the name of the article(s).

General Questions

  1. What would make the project better in the future? (What would you change about the assignment?)
  2. Are there any other comments you would like to share about the project?