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The Declaration of Independence...

[Detail] The Declaration of Independence...

For Jefferson | Against Jefferson

Was it compromise or hypocrisy?

The People v. Jefferson

You have been appointed as a law clerk to begin the difficult task of defending Thomas Jefferson in his suit with the A.T.J.S. of A. (Anti-Thomas Jefferson Society of America).

Before you begin, review the charges made by the A.T.J.S. of A.

You will need to gather as much evidence as you can to show that the claims of the A.T.J.S. of A. are unfounded and malicious.

You will need to find examples in letters he wrote, his actions, and communications that will exonerate Thomas Jefferson of the charges leveled against him.

At stake is Jefferson's estate, reputation, and political future as a leader in the United States.

It is imperative when you find evidence to support Jefferson that you write it down as close to word-for-word as possible.

The following sources will provide some assistance in your efforts to gather favorable evidence. There will also be a few sources present that WILL NOT paint such a positive view of Jefferson. However, for you to defend him, you will also need to see arguments that the opposition will present in the case against Jefferson.

Here is a list of the sources. You will determine the usefulness of each.

Defense Research Links:

Gather evidence in SUPPORT of Thomas Jefferson. Be sure to cite your sources for each piece of evidence you find.