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The children and mother of Mr. Patrick Dummond...

[Detail] The children and mother of Mr. Patrick Dummond...

Lesson Evaluation

Choose one of the following:

1. Graphically depict the influence of French Canadian immigrants in our region.

2. Assume the role of foreman in a textile mill at the turn of the century. Using the characteristics of the immigrants discussed in class, persuade your boss to hire French Canadians.

3. Assume the role of a French Canadian immigrant. Produce a journal entry or write a letter to a relative in Canada.

4. Write an article for a gazette published in "Little Canada" at the turn of the century.


Imagine the questions asked to produce the American Life Histories. Use them to interview a person of French Canadian descent or an immigrant of any nationality in the community.

Research the strong resistance to assimilation on the part of French Canadian immigrants. What do you see as the ultimate reason for the demise of the "survivance" philosophy?

Compare/contrast the experiences of an immigrant in New England today with those of a French Canadian immigrant in the late 19th century.

Research the peculiar conflict between French Canadian and Irish immigrants (both predominately Catholics) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.