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Sod house built in 1881…

[Detail] Sod house built in 1881…

German Immigrant Contributions: Activity 1

Possible photo resource:

Team Names:

With a partner, record the bibliographic information about the photograph. Please answer as completely as possible. Answer questions in German in complete German sentences.

  1. Photograph Title:
  2. Date created or published:
  3. Photograph URL: (http://)
  4. American Memory collection where the picture resides:
  5. List five of the subjects used to catalog the photo:
  6. Medium:
  7. Digital I.D.
  8. Wie heisst das Photo?
  9. Wo wohnen die Familie?
  10. Wie heissen die Leute in der Familie?
  11. Wie viele Kinder sind im Photo?
  12. Wie sehen die Familie aus?
  13. Welche Tiere gibt es?