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 A family of emigrants entering the South Loup Valley

[Detail] A family of emigrants entering the South Loup Valley

Narrative Three

Excerpted from: The Diary of William H. Ashley, March 25 - June 27, 1825

Thursday 25 March 1825 we ascended the vallie west and crossed a gap in a mountain bg N & S and at the distance of 3 or 4 miles Entered a beautifull vallie of a sercular form - having seen the sign of many beaver on a small Stream running through it we Encamped on the same for the purpose of Setting some traps which was done by four men - our course to day (about 8 1/2 miles) was W.

Friday 26th March we continued our course W across the vally and camped on The principal fork of the Platt distant about 8 miles where it bears W S W. - clear & cold

Wednesday 1st Crossed to the timbered Creek S W about 6 miles decended the same 2 miles & encamped on it Cold disagreeable day the snow fell about 9 inches deep - high sandy country.

Thursday 16thThe snow continues with high winds we remain at this camp to day in consequence of the weather

Monday 20th Continue at this camp for the purpose of making canoes to transport the packs down the river - Sent out 9 hunters to procure skins for the boats Late in the afternoon four of them returned without seeing [deleted: or falling] any Buffalloe - The men are and have been fer the last two days without any Thing to eat & they are becoming quite uneasy under the privation Some of the hunters brought in a horse which he found runing at large on the river bottoms - pleasant weather –

Tuesday 21st the 5 men sent to procure Skins arrived early this morning with six. with which we proceeded to make a boat. they also brought meat. the day is fine and our work advances rapidly –

Friday 24th finding the boat inconvenient for hunting and from The bulk of the cargo The men much confined, I stoped to day Killed four buffaloe and made another boat while so Engaged Fitzpatrck & his party arrived supplied themselves with meat and they proceeded on down the river dark, cool, windy day

Thursday 28th we did not travel to day in consequence of my indisposition 4 beaver were taken last night - Sent 2 men with traps down the river on the West side - Cloudy, windy unpleasant day

Monday 4th Continue here to day for the purpose of exploreing the small river and setting some traps thereon for Beaver - last night was exceedingly stormy with some rain & snow.