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The first picket line, Feb 1917

[Detail] The first picket line, Feb 1917 College

Lesson Preparation


Before beginning the unit, collect and print out primary source documents from the Library of Congress Web site that relate to strategies used to achieve women's suffrage.

Create motivational displays in the classroom, See these examples of possible displays.


Prepare a selection of primary sources that relate to this sample list of strategies used to achieve women's suffrage. Additional primary sources may be found in the collections listed after these examples.

Create a political banner
Suffragists Mrs. Stanley McCormick and Mrs. Charles Parker, April 22, 1913

Create and wear a political button or pin
Yellow delegates' ribbon with white button

Create and wear a political button or pin
Yellow ribbon from Suffrage Parade

Draw a political cartoon
The apotheosis of suffrage
Election Day!
Women's sphere cartoon

Design a postcard
Postcard of Abraham Lincoln statue with suffrage caption
Postcard of Lucretia Mott
"Men who love freedom" postcard

Disobey the law to make a statement
An account of the proceedings on the trial of Susan B. Anthony

Design a poster or broadside
Suffrage campaign days in New Jersey.
Broadside on suffrage parade, New York City, April 1911
Votes for women! The woman's reason. ... National American woman suffrage association. Headquarters: 505 Fifth Avenue, New York

Form an association
Woman suffrage headquarters in Upper Euclid Avenue, Cleveland
Suffragists Mrs. Stanley McCormick and Mrs. Charles Parker, April 22, 19132
Anne F. Miller's NAWSA membership certificatee

Meet with government officials
Address to the Legislature of New-York, adopted by the State Woman's Rights Convention
Governor Edwin P. Morrow signing the Anthony Amendment--Ky. was the twenty-fourth state to ratify, January 6, 1920

Give a speech
Stump speaking--In the days of "Old Dobbin" and Derby hats Mrs. Harriot Stanton Blatch exhorted the Wall Street crowds
Breaking in suffrage speakers - Mrs. E.R. Smith
The constitutional rights of the women of the United States: an address before the International Council of Women

Hold a convention
The first convention ever called to discuss the civil and political rights of women, Seneca Falls, N.Y., July 19, 20, 1848
26th Convention of the Kentucky equal rights

March in a parade
Official program - Woman suffrage procession, Washington, D.C. March 3, 1913
Suffragists marching, probably in New York City in 1913
Youngest parader in New York City suffragist parade
Head of suffrage parade, Washington, D.C.


Form a political party
The woman's party campaign for equal rights

Perform a pageant or skit
Florence F. Noyes as "Liberty" in suffrage pageant

Seek endorsement by other groups
"Woman suffrage co-equal with man suffrage."

Walk in a picket line
The first picket line - College day in the picket line

Write a declaration
Declaration of Sentiments Adopted at Seneca Fall Convention, 1848

Write a book, pamphlet or news article
(1915 book) Are women people? A book of rhymes for suffrage times, by Alice Duer Miller
(1909 pamphlet) Woman Suffrage Party Mission Statement
(1909 newspaper article) The American Woman’s Battle for the Ballot, The San Francisco call. (San Francisco [Calif.]) 1895-1913, July 04, 1909, Images 3, 4, 5

Write a persuasive letter
(1900 letter) Susan B. Anthony to life members - March 11, 1900
(1909 letter) A Last Appeal : Anne Fitzhugh Miller to Judiciary Committee

Write a petition
The Memorial of Victoria C. Woodhull

Write a resolution
Resolutions adopted at Seneca Falls Convention, 1848

Write a song
Shall women vote
Suffrage song

Disobey the law to make a statement
(1909 news article) Alice Paul Describes Force Feeding

Write a petition
(1909 petition) Instructions to Workers for the Woman Suffrage Petition to Congress

Write a resolution
(c.1918/19 photograph) Mary Gertrude Fendall, [of Maryland], and Mary Dubrow [of New Jersey]

Perform a pageant or skit
(1910 photograph) Mrs. Street