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Presentations look across the Library’s online collections to explore events and issues from U.S. history and beyond.

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American Memory Timeline
A comprehensive look at America's history, through primary sources... a teacher's wish, come true!

Students (Gr. 8- 12)

lincoln campaign poster

How have elections changed over time? Explore the presidential election process, the right to vote, and political campaigns through Library of Congress primary sources.

Students (Gr. 5- 12)

chinese immigrant

Observe the building of the nation. How have immigrants shaped this land?

Students (Gr. 5- 12)

President Washington

Inaugurations: Stepping into History
Discover what inauguration ceremonies can teach us about our changing nation and the leaders who have shaped it.

Students (Gr. 5- 12)

musical score

Lyrical Legacy
Lyrical Legacy helps teachers explore eighteen American songs and poems from the digital collections of the Library of Congress.

Teachers and Students

image of Theodore Roosevelt in 1902

Presidential Speeches: What Makes an Effective Speech?
Each presidential speech is unique. Analyze primary sources from the online collections of the Library of Congress to explore the people and events that shaped these speeches.

Students of all ages

close up of Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks: A Primary Source Gallery
Explore the activism and legacy of a civil rights legend through documents and photographs from her life.

Students of all ages

cartoon character

Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright
What is copyright and how does it affect me? Join Detective Cop E. Wright to learn about copyright basics and find answers to your questions.

(with teacher facilitation)