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Resources from this Project


Settlement 1 Virginia / discovered and discribed by Captayn John Smith
Settlement 2 Departure of the Pilgrim Fathers for America
Settlement 3 Landing of the pilgrims at Plymouth 11th Dec. 1620.
Settlement 4 Landing of the Pilgrims
Settlement 5 Pocahontas
Settlement 6 William Penn's treaty with the Indians
Settlement 7 Franquelin's map of Louisiana
Settlement 8 Bird's-eye view of Boston, Massachusetts
Settlement 9 Join or Die, 1754
Settlement 10 Virginia, Marylandia et Carolina in America
Settlement 11 Indians giving a talk to Colonel Bouquet
Settlement 12 A view of Charles Town the capital of South Carolina, 1768
Settlement 13 Petition for bail from accused witches, ca. 1692.
Settlement 14 A Puritan Maiden's Diary. [The New England magazine. / Volume 17, Issue 1, September 1894] Pages 20-25 or Images 30-36
Settlement 15 Seal] By the King, a proclamation, requiring passes formerly granted to ships and vessels, trading in the way of the cruizers,..1730, Transcription
Settlement 16 Province of the Massachusetts-Bay. By His Excellency the Governor. I do hereby authorize and impower [blank] to beat his drums any where within this Province, Transcription


American Revolution

American Revolution 1 The massacre perpetrated in King Street Boston
American Revolution 2 Destruction of tea at Boston Harbor
American Revolution 3 A plan of the town and harbour of Boston
American Revolution 4 "Give me liberty, or give me death!" Patrick Henry
American Revolution 5 The battle of Lexington
American Revolution 6 Ethan Allen at Ticonderoga
American Revolution 7 Original Rough Draught of the Declaration of Independence
American Revolution 8 Yankee doodle 1776
American Revolution 9 Representation du feu terrible a Nouvelle Yorck
American Revolution 10 Washington crossing the Delaware
American Revolution 11 The women of '76: "Molly Pitcher" the heroine of Monmouth
American Revolution 12 Burgoyne's surrender at Saratoga
American Revolution 13 The merchants and traders in this town
American Revolution 14 New York Provincial Congress to George Washington, June 26, 1775
American Revolution 15 A letter from Phillis Wheatley March 21, 1774, Transcription
American Revolution 16 No stamped paper to be had. 1765


New Nation

New Nation 1 "Evacuation day" and Washington's triumphal entry in New York City
New Nation 2 A map of the United States of America agreeable to the peace of 1783.
New Nation 3 Franklin in the National Convention
New Nation 4 Washington's inauguration at Philadelphia
New Nation 5 Boston, Mass., Gov. John Hancock mansion
New Nation 6 Battle of Lake Erie
New Nation 7 Perry's victory on Lake Erie
New Nation 8 The Battle of New Orleans
New Nation 9 The battle of New Orleans
New Nation 10 The taking of the city of Washington in America
New Nation 11 U.S. Capitol after burning by the British
New Nation 12 Andrew Jackson with the Tennessee forces
New Nation 13 Alexander Hamilton's notes for a speech proposing a plan of government
New Nation 14 Meriwether Lewis to Thomas Jefferson, Transcription (Pages 912-917)
New Nation 15 Articles of a treaty
New Nation 16 Mrs. Mary Dewees's journal, Transcription, Bibliographic record



Expansion 1 Chiricahua Apaches as they arrived at Carlisle
Expansion 2 Passengers from Washington for the West
Expansion 3 Tasunka, the slayer of Lieut. Casey, near Pine Ridge, S.D.
Expansion 4 Auction & Negro Sales
Expansion 5 Daniel Webster addressing the United States Senate
Expansion 6 Slave auction at the south
Expansion 7 Tampa Bay on the Gulf of Mexico
Expansion 8 Mr. Zina Hitchcock Benjamin family
Expansion 9 Gold mining in California
Expansion 10 Landing of the American forces under Genl. Scott, at Vera Cruz
Expansion 11 Effects of the Fugitive-Slave-Law
Expansion 12 Cache la Poudre Creek
Expansion 13 Whitman 1850s-1860s: Notebook LC #80 page 25
Expansion 14 Sarah Byrd memories of Oregon Trail
Expansion 15 American Moral Reform Society: Declaration of Sentiment
Expansion 16 Andrew Jackson, President: a treaty between the U.S. and the Potawatimie Indians..., Transcription


Civil War

Civil War 1 Unknown location. 6-pdr. field gun
Civil War 2 Scott's great snake. Entered according to Act of Congress
Civil War 3 Battlefield of Gettysburg
Civil War 4 District of Columbia. Company E, 4th U.S. Colored Infantry
Civil War 5 Zouave ambulance crew demonstrating removal of wounded soldiers from the field
Civil War 6 Officers of the 114th Pennsylvania Infantry playing cards
Civil War 7 Alexandria, Va. Soldiers' Cemetery
Civil War 8 Freedmen's Bureau
Civil War 9 Gen. Samuel P. Heintzelman and staff at Arlington house.
Civil War 10 Flag of 37th Pennsylvania Infantry
Civil War 11 Cumberland Landing, Va. Group of "contrabands" at Foller's house
Civil War 12 Culpeper, Va. Battery A, 4th U.S. Artillery, Robertson's Brigade
Civil War 13 A prayer for the southern cause
Civil War 14 Walt Whitman Hospital Notebook Page 18 Notebook LC #101
Civil War 15 Dunlap, Kate. Diary, 1864-1865 Transcription (112 pages)
Civil War 16 What are we fighting for? Transcription


Industrial America

Industrial America 1 School on outing along C&O Canal
Industrial America 2 Chinese-American men
Industrial America 3 T.W. Webster family in front of farm home, Buffalo County, Nebraska.
Industrial America 4 Steingrim [sic] Nelson farm near Milton, North Dakota.
Industrial America 5 Anders Hultstrand's threshing machine
Industrial America 6 Millions of acres, land for sale
Industrial America 7 Knitter in London Hosiery Mills. Location: Loudon, Tennessee.
Industrial America 8 J. Stewart wedding party, Nekoma, N.D.
Industrial America 9 Custer's last stand
Industrial America 10 Buffalo soldiers of the 25th Infantry
Industrial America 11 African American baseball players of Morris Brown College
Industrial America 12 Harry and Beatrice Houdini with the Welsh Brothers Circus
Industrial America 13 Letter from Helen Keller to Mabel Hubbard Bell (9 pages)
Industrial America 14 Lewis Hine Report: Child Labor in the Canning Industry of Maryland (3 pages)
Industrial America 15 Letter, Susan B. Anthony to Adelaide Johnson (2 pages)
Industrial America 16 1875. Farnsworth, Mary E., Reminiscences Transcription


Progressive Era

Progressive Era 1 Housing conditions, Rear of Republican St. Providence.
Progressive Era 2 First flight, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
Progressive Era 3 Interior of J. S. Farrand Packing Company, Baltimore, Md.
Progressive Era 4 Eskimos, five adults and one infant, sitting in an automobile
Progressive Era 5 Prohibition "bust"
Progressive Era 6 Suffrage Parade, New York City
Progressive Era 7 Over the top
Progressive Era 8 Buy War Bonds. Pave the way to victory
Progressive Era 9 Ku Klux Klan parade
Progressive Era 10 Leading the Klu [sic] Klux Klan parade
Progressive Era 11 New York. Ellis Island
Progressive Era 12 Children pointing at movie poster for Uncle Sam at Work
Progressive Era 13 Letter, Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute (6 pages)
Progressive Era 14 Let everyone help to save the famous Hetch-Hetchy Valley
Progressive Era 15 Do you know?, Transcription (11 pages)
Progressive Era 16 Will live forever, Transcription



Depression WWII 1 Migrant Agricultural Worker's Family. Seven Hungry Children.
Depression WWII 2 Fiddling Bill Hensley
Depression WWII 3 Farmer and sons walking in the face of a dust storm.
Depression WWII 4 Entrance to Manzanar Relocation Center
Depression WWII 5 Wife of a migratory laborer with three children.
Depression WWII 6 Three U.S. Army field commanders
Depression WWII 7 CIO pickets jeering
Depression WWII 8 Negro and white man sitting on curb talking
Depression WWII 9 Careful hands of women are trained in precise aircraft engine installation
Depression WWII 10 Evacuation of the Japanese-Americans from West Coast
Depression WWII 11 Sailor and girl at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Depression WWII 12 Negro going in colored entrance of movie house
Depression WWII 13 Anna Potter Davis,1937 Life History (5 pages)
Depression WWII 14 Letter, Franklin D. Roosevelt to J. Robert Oppenheimer (2 pages)
Depression WWII 15 Amelia Earhart's palm print and analysis (4 pages)
Depression WWII 16 Message to the Congress of the United States (4 pages)


Postwar US

Postwar US 1 Douglas MacArthur at the front lines above Suwon, Korea
Postwar US 2 Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower
Postwar US 3 John F. Kennedy motorcade, Dallas, Texas, Nov. 22, 1963
Postwar US 4 Fidel Castro, president of Cuba
Postwar US 5 William G. Stroud of NASA displaying the satellite to Lyndon B. Johnson
Postwar US 6 Sec. of Defense Robert McNamera pointing to a map of Vietnam
Postwar US 7 Wounded servicemen arriving from Vietnam
Postwar US 8 Martin Luther King press conference
Postwar US 9 Justice Dept. Bobby Kennedy speaking to crowd
Postwar US 10 Black Panther Convention, Lincoln Memorial
Postwar US 11 White House wedding. Pres. Nixon with Tricia
Postwar US 12 Reverend Jessee [i.e., Jesse] Jackson's march for jobs
Postwar US 13 Gen. Douglas MacArthur's "Old Soldiers Never Die" (12 pages)
Postwar US 14 Daisy Bates to Roy Wilkins (2 pages) Bibliographic Record
Postwar US 15 Douglas to Earl Warren (3 pages)
Postwar US 16 John F. Kennedy. (secondary source, 4 pages)


War & Peace

War & Peace 1 Berlin Wall
War & Peace 2 Dwight Eisenhower giving orders to American paratroopers in England
War & Peace 3 Camp of 31st Pennsylvania Infantry
War & Peace 4 Peace Parade
War & Peace 5 No war talk!
War & Peace 6 Matt Morgan's Pictures of the war
War & Peace 7 In action - Mexican War
War & Peace 8 Prof. Thaddeus S. Lowe observing the battle from his balloon "Intrepid"
War & Peace 9 V.P. Johnson in Saigon, Vietnam.
War & Peace 10 Abraham Lincoln standing outside a tent
War & Peace 11 12-pdr. Napoleon
War & Peace 12 News from America, or the Patriots in the dumps
War & Peace 13 Who is responsible for the war?, Full Text
War & Peace 14 Sermon by Bishop G. Ashton Oldham (2 pages)
War & Peace 15 Poet at Work: Walt Whitman Notebooks 1850s-1860s Notebook LC #101 Pg 12
War & Peace 16 Don't join the book burners, Transcript



Immigration 1 Italian bread peddlers, Mulberry St.
Immigration 2 Immigrant children, Washington School
Immigration 3 Four immigrants and their belongings
Immigration 4 Held at Ellis Island--undesirable emigrants
Immigration 5 Iran hostage crisis student demonstration, Washington, D.C.
Immigration 6 School children, half of Polish and half of Italian descent
Immigration 7 Italian-Americans on MacDougal Street
Immigration 8 Students pledging allegiance to the flag
Immigration 9 Italian-American children
Immigration 10 New York. Ellis Island
Immigration 11 Immigrants just arrived
Immigration 12 Evening recreation of the "Young Holy Ghosters"
Immigration 13 A Chinese Laundry at a Bargain Sale (3 pages), Transcription
Immigration 14 Something About America and San Francisco
Immigration 15 San Francisco's mayor wants exclusion act to bar the Japs, Transcription
Immigration 16 American citizens! We appeal to you in all calmness.



Explore 1 Custer's expedition on the plains
Explore 2 Arctic explorer Donald MacMillan in fur suit at wheel of ship Bowdoin
Explore 3 The start from Camp Mojave, Arizona
Explore 4 Five man party involved in early exploration of Devils Garden
Explore 5 Dr. Volkjalmur Stefansson, Artic Explorer near an igloo
Explore 6 82 N. Lat.
Explore 7 Woman looking through sextant on board the expedition vessel
Explore 8 Surveyor with theodolite(?) in the mountains of Alaska
Explore 9 Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet in canoe
Explore 10 Gen. Cook's expedition and the Black Hills
Explore 11 Sleeping bag used in camping trip Oct. 1888
Explore 12 Leaving Camp Muir at the end of the Mount Rainier expedition
Explore 13 New York South American Steam Boat Association, Bibliographic record
Explore 14 Meriwether Lewis to Thomas Jefferson, October 3, 1803 (Pgs 175-184), Transcription
Explore 15 Much esteemed friends, 1850 (4 pages), Bibliographic record
Explore 16 New and short route to the gold mines of the Black Hills



Protest 1 Protest against child labor in a labor parade
Protest 2 Demonstrators opposed to the ERA in front of the White House
Protest 3 1919 strikers demonstrating in car
Protest 4 Women's lib march from Farrugut Sq.
Protest 5 Congress of Racial Equality conducts march.
Protest 6 Parade of unemployed
Protest 7 Iran Hostage Crisis student demonstration, Washington, D.C.
Protest 8 Ku Klux Klan members supporting Barry Goldwater's campaign
Protest 9 Little Rock, 1959. Rally at state capitol
Protest 10 Children who have come to Wash. to appeal to the President
Protest 11 Civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965
Protest 12 Margaret Hinchey - anti-labor group
Protest 13 Letter, Susan B. Anthony to Adelaide Johnson, February 1896. (2 pages)
Protest 14 Veterans march to Washington to demand cash payment of bonus. (2 pages)
Protest 15 The minutes and proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the American Moral Reform Society: Declaration of Sentiment. (6 pages)
Protest 16 Nixon sends GIs into Cambodia.



Invention 1 New invented machine, cleansing docks, or deepning [sic] river
Invention 2 Tomm Brown, posed with 1st saxaphone made by Adolph Sax, the inventor
Invention 3 Photographer with camera suspended high in the air
Invention 4 Child standing on snow gauge of the Weather Bureau
Invention 5 Harry Houdini, full-length portrait, standing, facing front, in chains
Invention 6 Shenandoah Valley. Paul Fletcher's tiny factory in Harrisburg
Invention 7 Wireless telegraph instruments
Invention 8 Horse-drawn cable car
Invention 9 James D. Halloran, the smoke mask inventor
Invention 10 View of Oldreive's new tricycle
Invention 11 Erie Canal lock, New York.
Invention 12 Franklin's experiment, June 1752
Invention 13 Thomas Jefferson's drawing of a macaroni machine and instructions for making pasta
Invention 14 Letter, Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute, 13 May 1900. (6 pages)
Invention 15 Letter from Alexander Graham Bell to Gardiner Greene Hubbard, August 14, 1875 (5 pages), Transcription
Invention 16 C. H. Dana's premium hand corn planter


We the People

We the People 1 Map of Philadelphia and parts adjacent
We the People 2 N.W. view of the state house in Philadelphia taken 1778
We the People 3 Franklin in the National Convention
We the People 4 Scene in Uncle Sam's Senate. 17th April 1850
We the People 5 Congressional pugilists
We the People 6 Three suffragists casting votes in New York City
We the People 7 Inauguration of President Wilson, second term, March 5th, 1917
We the People 8 Poster. "We, the people"
We the People 9 Negro voting in Cardoza
We the People 10 Group of Osage Indians posed outside the White House
We the People 11 Capitol Building at Washington, D.C.
We the People 12 The Ignorant Vote - Honors are easy
We the People 13 Constitution, Printed, with Marginal Notes by George Washington, September 12, 1787 (Page 233-236)
We the People 14 A bill of rights as provided in the ten original amendments to the constitution of the United States
We the People 15 Alexander Hamilton's notes for a speech proposing a plan of government at the Federal Convention (14 pages)
We the People 16 Gettysburg address delivered at Gettysburg, Transcription


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