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Landing at Ellis Island, 1902

[Detail] Landing at Ellis Island, 1902

NOTE: This handout may be printed out for use with Port of Entry activities.

Port of Entry: Immigration

Handout 3: What's New at the Library?




Learn more about the American Memory historical collections and other online resources from the Library of Congress. Start with a visit to the Library' s World Wide Web site ( As you explore this site, complete the activities below.

  1. Describe what happened "Today in History."
  2. List five or more "American Treasures" currently on exhibit at the Library.
  3. Use THOMAS to find the names of the members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives from your state.
  4. Solve the history mystery on the Teachers Page.
  5. Name three or more legendary baseball figures pictured on cards in the American Memory historical collection. Explain how and why baseball cards originated.
  6. List the American Memory collections you might use to learn more about turn-of-the-century America.