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What in the World Is That? - Ingenious Inventions Throughout History
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Now that you have tested your observation skills, don’t you want to learn more about the fascinating inventions featured in this game? Click on the thumbnails below for popup pages featuring larger images, a description of each invention's historical development and a second image related to the invention. Learn even more by exploring the related sites at the end of each description. Once you have played the game and learned more, try creating questions for a class trivia hunt using your new knowledge. Use the keyword "inventions" to search for additional intriguing American Memory images. Then create your own "What in the World Is That?" game with your search results. Activate your own ingenuity and have fun inventing on your own!


steam engine
ornithopter carpet cleaner
airphibian telephone
battery radio telecommunication cable
cotton gin corn detasseler
reaper punched card sorter
gramophone turnbine water wheel
electron microscope snow gauge