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Turn-of-the-Century First Ladies


Information Resources

Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies Home Page
This Library of Congress presentation is a special collection of portraits of Presidents and First Ladies.

First Ladies' Bibliography
From the National First Ladies Library, we find portraits and links to biographical information about each of the First Ladies.

The First Ladies
This exhibit from the White House website contains portraits and biographical information about the First Ladies.

IPL POTUS -- Presidents of the United States
This site shares biographical information about our Presidents which contains information about First Ladies.

General Library of Congress Resources

The American Memory collections offer considerably more than information about our nation's First Ladies. Here, you can find original documents, photos, video and sound clips, maps, etc., that can assist you in your school studies and in your personal pursuit of information. Below, are links to tips about how to use these rich resources.

Collection Finder
This tool links to all the collections; to collections within broad topics; to collections in which specific media resources can be found; to collections that fall within specific time periods; and to the collections created by the working divisions of the National Digital Library. This is a good place to begin looking for general information or for a place to begin a specific search.

Search for information across ALL the collections.

Today in History
For an in depth look at information about events and places in the news on this day in America's past, take a look here.

Current legislative information on the internet as well as daily updates on Congressional activity are found here.

Exhibits from the Library of Congress
Use this index to find out what is currently on display at the Library of Congress as well as links to past exhibits.