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Can You Find the Spanish-Origin Words? Answers

Dear David--

I wanted to invite you to a barbecue at my parents’ ranch this Sunday. We’ll have plenty to eat, including potato salad and my famous tomato salsa. No cafeteria food allowed! If you need to stay the night, there’s a sleeping alcove out on the patio, with a comfortable hammock. I’m allergic to tobacco smoke, so please don’t bring your smelly cigars.

To get here, start at the plaza downtown, go north until you reach the mouth of the canyon, then turn right at the first silo -- it’s a cinch.

Drive safely, and watch out for armadillos!



American- English Mexican-Spanish
1. barbecue 1. la barbacoa
2. ranch 2. el rancho
3. potato 3. la patata
4. tomato 4. el tomate
5. salsa 5. la salsa
6. cafeteria 6. la cafetería
7. alcove 7. la alcoba
8. patio 8. el patio
9. hammock 9. la jamaca
10. tobacco 10. el tabaco
11. cigars 11. el cigarro
12. plaza 12. la plaza
13. canyon 13. el cañon
14. silo 14. el silo
15. cinch 15. el cincho
16. armadillos 16. el armadillo

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