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LaVerne's Potato Candy

America, North: Pennsylvania Dutch

As a child this was one of our favorite treats. My Mother made Potato Candy for me and my siblings, while we were growing up in the small company railroad and coal town of Delano, Pennsylvania. The town is situated on a mountain top, that encompases the highest point in Eastern Pennsylvania. Delano was named after Franklin Delano Roosevelt's grandfather. The population today is less than 700, and has changed little since its founding. Potato candy still is often served as a special treat, because everyone likes it. Since we were poor, our family made most of our food and very little was bought prepared at Delano's only general store. Often it is made for social affairs at the local firehouse and/or church because it sells well, and serves as a good fundraiser. Although it is hard work to make it, it's worth the effort because kids and adults like its taste.


one medium, cooked mashed potato (instead of mashed potatoes, 4 oz of cream cheese may be used)
1 tablespoon of butter
dash of Vanilla
1 lb. powdered sugar
peanut butter


1) Make mashed potatoes and keep to dough-like consistency, similar to pie dough. (instead of mashed potatoes, soften 4 oz cream cheese and one tablespoon of butter).
2) Add a dash of vanilla and one lb. of powdered sugar to potatoes.
3) Roll out on wax paper using some flour so dough won't stick. Dough is a little easier to work with if chilled before rolling out. 4) After you have rolled out to a smooth dough and to desired thickness, spread with peanut butter.
5) Then roll up and slice into pieces of candy. You can also roll into small individual rolls. Refrigerate and slice.
6) Enjoy eating this Pennsyvania Dutch treat!

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