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This recipe is important to my family, because it has been passed down from my grandmother, aunts, and my dad. The dish Stickies is a dessert, that gets its name from the rolls or the dough. I remember this dish by my grandmother making it out of left-over biscuits or rolls from breakfast. She would put the stuff on it and then serve it to us for dessert. Or my dad, would serve this to us for holiday, or a special celebration. This dish was created by my gandmother's mom, in South Carolina.


can of crescent rolls, butter, evaporated milk, vanilla flavoring, sugar, cinnamon spice, and fruits (optional).


Put the rolls in a baking pan, but a couple pieces of butter on top of it, pour some of the evaporated milk on top, with the vanilla flavoring. Then sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon, add as much as you want, and bake 375 degrees and wait till it's brown.

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