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Papa Rellenas

Other: Canary Islands

Papa Rellenas means stuffed potatoes in the Spanish language. This recipe is important to me because my grandmother alwaya made it for me since I was little. It originated from the Canary Islands and my great grandmother brought the recipe with her. My grandmother usually makes this dish on special occasions like Christmas and Easter. Whenever I think of Christmas i can always remember the tasty smell of the Papa Rellenas. It is an easy dish to make and it is also one of the best ones.


potatoes, ground meat, salt, eggs, bread crumbs


Boil potatoes, quantity depends on how many you are doing, add little salt to water. After potatoes are done smash them as if you were making mashed potatoes. In a seperate pot, brown ground meat seasoned to your taste. After meat and potatoes are done take a spoonful of potatoes and put it it the palm of you hand. Take a table spoon of meat and put it in the center of the potatoes. Take another spoonful of potatoes and cover the meat completely. Roll the potatoes into a ball. Beat a couple of eggs and put the Papa Rellena in it and roll it in bread crumbs, then deep fry.

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