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Africa, Central: Honduras

This recipe is important to my family because it was passed down from my great grandparents. The story behind it is probably that my great grandmother wanted to eat something different so she found the recipe for this food. This dish can be served for any occasion even if you are hungry. I usually eat it when im hungry. My name is Emanuel Antunez.


The ingrediants are yuca, water, and ground meat, and any spices you want to add, and tomato sauce


Boil the yuca in some water until it gets soft, then cook the ground meat until it gets brown. When it gets brown empty the grease. When you empty the grease, add a can of tomato sauce on the meat and use the same can to pour water of the same amount on the meat. Then stir. Then you can add any spices to the meat to make it taste better if you want. Then all that is left is to get your plate and put the yuca first, and pour the meat sauce over it. Then just enjoy your meal.

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