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Granny's Italian Chicken

America, North: African American

Hi my name is Jarice Jefferson, I am a 16 year old from Kenner,Louisiana. The recipe that I chose to do was Italian Chicken. The reason why I chose this dish was because, me and my grandma was experimenting on what we could do to some chicken wings. That's when we decided to add Italian dressing to it to see what it might taste like. When the chicken was done,we tasted it and thought it was delicious. That's when we decided to make this a family recipe called "Granny's Italian Chicken".


(1)family pack chicken wings
(1)16 ounce Italian dressing
11 inch pan
Creole seasoning


1.)Cut up pepper and onion.
2.)Clean and season your chicken.
3.)Place chicken in pan and add your Italian dressing on top.
4.)Place aluminum foil on top of pan,put in the oven at 350 degrees,let cook for 25min. covered;remove foil and continue to let it cook until golden brown.

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