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Dirty Rice and Pork Chops

Africa, Central: African American

Hi my name is Tyniquia Lowe,I love this recipe, my mother always makes it when my grandmother comes over.Ever since my mother was small my grandmother made it.That is where my mother learned how to cook it from.This taste so good,when my mom cooks it I never stop eating it.When my grandmother comes from Atlanta my mother cooks it.


Dirty rice
*1 bag of brown rice
*1 pound of ground beef
*2 tablespoons of chopped onion (green,red,and white)
*3 cups of water
*1/2 cup of oil
*1 pot
*1 pan
Pork chops
*1 skillet
*1/4 cup of oil
some porkchops
*1 sprinkle of Tony Chachere
*1 sprinkle of salt and pepper
*1 sprinkle of breadcrumbs


*put your stove burner on medium
*put your water in the pot and let the water boil, then put the oil in the pot
*once the water boils enough, put the brown rice in the pot and then the onion
While that is cooking, put the ground beef in pan and brown it on medium high
Once the meat starts to turn brown, mix it with the rice then stir it.
Put the pot on medium high, then put all the seasonings on the porkchops then put it in the hot oil then it will fry.
Turn off the rice when it is done
After the porkchops are fried, take them out of the pan and enjoy your food.

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