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Fruit Basket

America, North: Black American

Hi! My name is Crystalyn ,I live in Kenner,Louisiana. Me and my family really likes this recipe because it is a good healthy snack.Also because it is better than always eating junk food. It is good for any occasion especially for picnics and little get together and family outings.It is especially for little kids because it would not rot their teeth at a young age.


1 watermelon (about 15 pounds)
2 cantaloupe melons
2 honeydew melons
12 cup sugar
12 cup fresh lime juice
14 cup fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons of orange-flavored liquer(optional)
2 teaspoons grated lime peel
3 cups sliced fresh strawberries washed, hulled and halved
2 cups black or red seedless grapes, washed, hulled and halved
--Special Aids--
water-soluble marker
melon baller
vegetable peeler


--Carving the basket--
1.Lay a dampened dish towel on a table
2.With a water-soluble marker,draw outline of basket onto watermelon,making sure the handle is 1 14 inches wide
3.Use a large sharp knife carefully cut the watermelon along marked line
4.Remove excess rind and set aside,with a melon baller,scoop out all the watermelon flesh and place it aside in a bowl
5.With a vegetable peeler even out scalloped edges of watermelon. Cover watermelon basket with clear plastic wrap and set aside
--Making Fruit Salad--
With a melon baller scoop out flesh from cantaloupe and honeydew melons
2.In a large bowl combine sugar,lime juice,orange liqueur,and lime peel. (Stir well)
3.Add all melon balls,strawberries,and grapes;toss to combineall fruit. Chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes 4.Just before serving, transfer to the basket

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