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rice with chicken

Africa, Central: African American

this recipe is special to my family because of our big size in family. Our house lives eight people and is only me and my mother who makes food in the house. Also, because our family eats alot and especially the boys in the house. So, we need to make good food to fill their stomachs and something easy. I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!

love, Stephanie C.


Rice ( make the amnt. you usually use but at least one cup less).
4 or 5 small pieces of chicken.
a carrot
food coloring


First, make the chicken at your flavor. Then, take the chickens' juice out and let the chicken cool down. After that take the bones out of the chicken and make the chicken into small little pieces. Fourth, make the carrot into small little pieces. Fifth, start making the rice and wait a little while to put the chicken and the carrot. However, do not put salt in it. Sixth, once the rice is ready to put the water instead put the food coloring and the juice left over of the chicken. Lastly, just finish cooking the chicken rice like if it was normal white rice.

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