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America, North: Hungarian

Hi my name is Derek Joseph. This recipe is important to my family because its an traditonal dish for us on special Holiday's like Christmas,Thanksgiving,ect.This dish is something that make's me think of my great grand mother because she was the one who passed it down in the family.What I remember about our occasions is how every one would sit around the table and laugh and talk about all the good times we had together.We also mention the funney things about our dead relatives and what we miss about them.


3 Lbs. Ground Beef
2 Lbs.Elbow noodles
16 oz.Can of Tomato Sauce
1-Large Onion, chopped
1-Large Green Pepper, chopped
16 oz. Mild cheddar cheese


Brown ground meat with chopped up onion and green pepper. Boil elbow noodles until almost soft. Drain grease from ground meat, onion, and green pepper. Mix ground meat and noodles with tomatoe sauce and slow cook until noodles are soft. Then add cheddar cheese and remove from heat.

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