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America, Central: El Salvador

This recipe reminds me of my mother who pasted away when I was still a baby . She made them for my dad,sister,and me. So every time I evean smell them I think of her also what peopel tell me about her and how she enjoyed makeing them they are almost like a littel pice of hevean.There very special to evean thoug it's food . It's almost like God is giving me and my mom a moment. Also know that my sister makes them there more special. Evean with my step-mother pupouse are still something very special.They really bring the family together. I'm very hapy to share this with you.


2 c. Masa
1 c. Refried beans (or cheese or pork)
1 c. water


You mix your masa and water make a dough -- add additional water in small amounts, if needed. Then you roll a small ball of masa; make the middle of the ball like a well, then you get your beans (or other filling) and put them in in the ball, then you roll it again really well, covering the dough over the well, and then you flatten it with your hands back -n- forth. Cook it on a hot flat pan.

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